Friday, July 1, 2011

June Goals Review

At the beginning of June, I wrote down personal and business goals in my awesome planner. This month had 6 personal goals and 4 business goals. My business goals focus specifically on my job duties. My personal goals are great because they keep me focused.

June Personal Goals:

Organize receipts

Organize mail

Pay off membership and cancel

Pay off credit card

Find apartment

Get laptop repaired (virus!)

I am happy to tell you that all but one of these goals has been completed! I still have to pay off my credit card, but the number keeps getting smaller. :) I did manage to find an apartment, but after a lot of consideration, I will be postponing my move. But, that's a story for another time. My laptop no longer has a virus, but it's moving really slowly, so I need to take it back in. I paid off a membership I was not using and cancelled that as well. All of my mail (I have a tendency to collect it throughout the month) and receipts (keeping track of where I spend money) are all organized and up-to-date.

As a second quarter review, I had 19 personal goals and 10 of them were completed. That is 53% . Not the best, but better than nothing.

My business goals won't be listed simply because they pertain to my job, but I had 4 of them this month and only 1.5 of them were completed. That number would be 2.5, but I didn't quite finish one, but almost. In the second quarter, I had 8 total and 4.5 of them were completed. That makes 56%.

Hmm...looks like I need to focus more and have some self discipline. How about you? Did you set goals and did you reach them?

I am now going to list my July goals. Let's see how well I can finish out the second half of the year.

(Where did Spring go and why is it already July?)


The Pink Tutu said...

Congrats on meeting your goals! :) I am working on a few myself this summer. Have a great 4th!

Lin said...

That's so awesome hon! I wish I could be that disciplined. Keep it up :)