Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Hello there! How are you today? Did you have a good weekend? Mine was good and exciting and sad and fun and stressful all put together!

Friday: Some family members came in on Thursday night and while they and my mom were putting together a family dinner for Saturday, I was at work. That night though, we all went out for a couple drinks and had a good time. I learned that someone I know from a long time ago (back when he was a kid and I was a teen) is actually a pretty talented guitar player and singer. It's times like that I wish I were a talent scout.

Saturday: The morning was spent cooking. My mom started cooking at 7 am and I joined in to help later on. We were able to sit outside on the patio and watch the birds and drink our coffee. It was so relaxing and peaceful. That is, until our neighbor fired up his lawn mower. :( Later in the day, we all loaded up the car and headed to our big family dinner. It was great to see a bunch of relatives I don't get to see very often and to enjoy good food. My family is full of great cooks and they always bring a lot of food to gatherings. We were able to chat for a few hours at the park before the humidity got awful, so that is when we packed up and headed for home. We made it home before the storms came, luckily.

Sunday: Our company left at noon and my mom and I just sat outside in the peace and quiet until my dad came home from his trip. It was nice to relax and play with the dogs. It felt so good to be able to enjoy both weekend days off, instead of having to work at least one of them. When Dad got home, we all went to his favorite brewery and had some beer and munchies. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad I was able to enjoy my weekend.

What did you do?


Lin said...

I love hanging out outside in the early mornings. Only thing that sucks is that it seems like everyone else in my neighborhood thinks getting up early to mow their lawn is a good idea...lame.

Glad you had a nice weekend!

Gwen said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Did you all get hit with the crazy storms Friday night/early Saturday morning?

Beachside Cottage said...

HI there - I'm a new follower -

Love your blog header - so cute!

Good luck with the apartment search (?)

Best Wishes,


AG said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!