Saturday, June 4, 2011

Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad is one of my favorite recipes. We had an employee pot luck this past week and I took this because it was light and easy to make. Not to mention, good tasting. This was the recipe I "used", although, I really just do everything to taste.

Here are all of the ingredients that I used. Of course, I had to have a glass of wine while making this. :)

This is my totally awesome apple wedger from Pampered Chef! This thing slices and cores the apple in one fell swoop. I LOVE it!

I also used the really cool food chopper from Pampered Chef. This thing comes apart easily and can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy clean up. Chopping the nuts was no problem at all. I used pecans instead of walnuts because I like those better.

Some of you may be thinking, "Celery and apples? That's weird." However, it tastes really great! I realized that my bowl was going to be too small, so I pulled out the super cute bowl I got in a set from At Home America a few years ago.

The recipe calls for mayonnaise, but I decided to use yogurt and it tasted so much better than the last time I had made this. The last time, I used mayonnaise and didn't really like it. Yogurt is so much better. I didn't really measure the lemon juice either. Just two cap fulls.

Mix it all together and there you have it! I don't like added salt or pepper, so I didn't put that in this dish, but you can add it if you'd like. I realized once I got started that I forgot to pick up the raisins. That would have been even better had I remembered. You get all kinds of textures and tastes with this recipe and I love it. I will say though, that it's not for everyone. Mrs. P hates this recipe. :)

I hope you enjoy it as well!


Lin said...

I've never tried this type of salad before, it looks really good.

And, I'm going to have to buy that apple wedger. I love Pampered Chef :)

AG said...

I need to try this soon!