Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do? I had a great weekend and am sad to see it end.

Friday: Friday night I came home, relaxed, had some vodka and cranberry soda, and sat down to finish my book. I have been reading Maneater for a while now and wanted to finish it this past weekend because I was getting close to the end and there are about 3 other books I want to read. Well, I didn't quite finish it that night.

Saturday: I slept in! Yay! When I woke up, Dad had made breakfast for all of us and I cuddled with Isabelle while trying to finish my book. I finally finished it! I really enjoyed the book. I thought is was going to be a little predictable, but it took an unexpected turn and was a really great read. Looking for something this summer that's a fun read and not too demanding, read: Maneater. The cover art is on my bookshelf there on the left side of my blog. I am too lazy to link anything today.

I was supposed to go to a Pampered Chef party at Mrs. P's house on Saturday too. I was so excited to go, but when I got there, I walked in and she had this look of "Oh Shit!" She forgot to tell me that the party had been cancelled. It was kind of funny though. We ended up going shopping and out to dinner. We spent the entire day together and had an absolute blast. I got measured for a new bra and it turns out that working out is paying off. Although I haven't lost much weight, it has shifted to the right places and I was measured for a bra that is two whole cup sizes smaller than what I have been wearing the last few years. This is something incredible for me. I was ecstatic when I tried the bra on, did my jumping and bending, and it actually fit. Yay me!

After we shopped, we came back to her house, invited her sister over, and we all played Taboo and a new game called Boxers or Briefs. It was a really fun game about personalities and I would recommend it for something fun and easy. I didn't get home that night until 1 am.

Sunday: I slept in (again). Yay! It had been raining and cool all weekend, so my whole family, including the dogs, had spent this entire morning on the couch, under blankets, watching HGTV. My mom went to a bridal shower, so my dad and I went to his favorite place (a local brewery) for beer and munchies. It was so good and even though it was graduation weekend, the wait wasn't that long. Afterward, we came home and I sent him to the man cave so I could iron the rest of the clothes for Mom in front of the TV. I ended up ironing for about 2.5 hours and was able to finish it all for her. She came home and was able to relax instead. I was happy I could help out and now, I have clothes to wear to work again! Almost all of my skirts had been in this basket from about 3 weeks ago.

Tell me about your weekend.

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Charcoal Renderings said...

That sounds like a lovely and restful weekend. I enjoyed an all-day date with my man Saturday. We're currently living in different states, and we got tired of only being able to talk on the phone/skype, so we looked at a map, picked a spot in the middle of where we're both stationed, and met up for a day. It was a nice little escape.

Other than that, I've been setting up my brand new laptop (his name is Lancelot, he is fancy) and doing the audition thing--ever my life!