Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something I'm Loving on Right Now

I am absolutely loving my car! I have had my HHR for almost 2 years now and I am in love with it.

I had half of a tank of gas last night on my way home, so I stopped this morning to fill up. Of course, gas is currently $3.89/gallon right now, so it cost me $32 for half a tank. Oh well. Anyway, I have an indicator on my dash that I can reset to see how many miles I have gone, how many I have left, how many miles per gallon I'm getting, and so on. This is standard now on Chevys. When I got back in my car this morning, I reset the odometer and noticed that I can go 487 miles on this one tank of gas! That's incredible! But, what is even more incredible (to me anyway) is that I am currently getting 29.1 miles per gallon! I am so excited. I really love this car.

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Lin said...

Haha, you're so cute! I get anywhere from 30-33 miles to the gallon on my Altima & I love that freakin car. I've actually had 3 of them, that's how much I love them lol.

My mom is currently driving an HHR (rental) & I borrowed it the other day & it just wasnt for me :(

Although it is pretty cute on the inside, I think I'm just used to being lower to the ground haha. My mom is pretty fond of it though :)