Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Hello there! How have you been lately? I have been reading and commenting on your blogs as often as I can, but I have been really busy with work. April is definitely my least favorite months of the year so far. Don't get me wrong, I like to be busy, but this is ridiculous.

Friday: This was one night that I didn't have to work. I went to Hobby Lobby to get a birthday gift for Mrs P. I absolutely love Hobby Lobby! I walked around that store for an hour and still didn't get to take everything in. I found these cute bookends that were of two little boys playing baseball and thought they would be perfect.

Saturday: The parents and I went shopping in the morning. Shopping with Dad is not fun, but we ended up getting things for our new camper like new pots and pans and storage containers and such. I also got some lotion, lip balm, and Mrs. P's favorite candy to add to her gift. It was so great to spend the day doing something other than worrying about work.

Saturday night, we celebrated Mrs. P's 27th birthday with a bang! We went to a local Japanese restaurant, then off to a small bar in our hometown where Mrs. P ultimately humiliated me, her husband, and her sister by making us sing karaoke. Yuck. I like to cheer everyone on, but I don't like to sing karaoke myself. Too self-conscious. After that, we went to another little bar and ran into some people from high school and had a good time. It was so much fun! I ended up not getting home until about 1:30 am! That's incredible for me.

Sunday: I was able to sleep in a little bit, then my parents and I went to my great aunt's house for Easter dinner. It was a good time and the food was delicious! I have a family of great cooks for sure. In addition to some great dresses, I got this in my Easter basket:

Can you imagine how excited I am? I have been eyeing this for a long time. I am a history and story person and have always wondered how things interlock in stories such as Twilight. I can't wait to read it!

I had to work Sunday evening, which was a bummer because I had to leave Easter dinner early, but the event went well and the guests were happy. Of course, they didn't leave until almost 10:30 pm, so it was another late night for me.

Monday: After work, my boss had called a staff meeting with my employees and we had a nice conversation about some areas for improvement and then did some cleaning. Overall, a good meeting, but I didn't get home until after 7 pm. Ugh. Just 6 more days!

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Gwen said...

I used to hate Hobby Lobby when I was younger but now I live there!!! Ellie actually seems to enjoy going also so maybe I'm training her right. Glad you had a good weekend even though you had to work. A few days off is always a nice thing. Have a great rest of the week.