Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something Fun

With all of my random useless updates on what's going on with me, I thought I would post about something fun. Not too long ago, I was researching my design style. I have always been attracted to things that were traditional and contemporary, so I wanted to see if there was a style that combined the two. Well, there is. Some of you may already know this, but it was something new for me. The design style that combines traditional and contemporary is called "Transitional". I was so excited that I decided to look for things I would decorate my future home with. I am really big on lighting in my home and prefer to have lights on until I go to bed. I don't always need an overhead light though. I have a really cool lamp in my bedroom that I got for Christmas that is glass and shaped like the Eiffel Tower (on of my favorite structures). I turn it on every night for fun. Anyway, I started searching for different table lamps and found an incredible place called CSN Stores. Now, I am not a complete idiot, I have read about this magical place before on other blogs, but I have never actually searched their sites. Let me just say, I was so excited by all the options (I love me some choices) that I had a research overload. Ooh! It's so exciting to look at all the choices! I have already found multiple lamps that I love. Now all I need is a place of my own to put them in. What's your design style?

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The Restaurant Manager said...

Right now my design style is anything I can afford ;) But once I win the lotto I like your idea of "Transitional"