Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday!

I wish I could say I didn't have to work this weekend, but that would be a lie.

Friday: My Friday's seem to be a lot of the same. I guess it's my night to unwind. We had a terrible thunderstorm go through our area that night and our house was without power for 5 hours! When I got home, I played fetch with the dogs by candlelight. Let me just say, I am glad I am an observant person and know our house really well. It was pitch black when I got home at 6 pm. The power finally came back on at right before 9 pm, so it wasn't too bad. Although, it did scare the crap out of me when it did come back on because I was almost asleep in the chair.

Saturday: I worked in the morning. I spent 2 hours binding my training manual for the staff, and then led a 2 hour training session. I think it went really well. The manual is very comprehensive, but written in an outline format. They asked questions, shared experiences, and learned more about each other as well.

After work, I met my parents at a local brewery for lunch. This time, I paid. That doesn't really happen much. We had a good time and spent 2 hours there. While we were there, we started discussing what our plans were for the rest of the weekend. I didn't have much planned, and when I mentioned this, my dad popped off with "Why don't you go on a date?" Yeah, even Dad is sick of me being single.

Saturday night, Mom and I watched Michael Jackson's This Is It. AMAZING! That was such a tragedy.

Sunday: Finished laundry and gave the dogs a bath. I tried to take the dogs for a walk, but Isabelle came off her leash and won't come to me to get the leash put on, so she didn't get to go for a walk with Annie and me. After the walk, I was finally able to convince my dad to put down the new kitchen floor. Mom has tried to get him to lay a new floor for two years! We were finally able to do it yesterday with the help of someone who knows about laying floors. It looks awesome! I will have to post a picture of it. It only took 2 hours and really looks amazing. It instantly updated the kitchen. Annie was afraid to walk on it at first, but I think they have gotten over that.

Sunday night was dinner and games with Mrs. P and S. We always have such a good time. Last night's dinner was stir fry and we ended up playing Truth or Dare Jenga. Mrs. P had never played Jenga before, and we had a blast! Whenever I play Truth or Dare, I always go for truths because I am not much on the dares. I don't like to be embarrassed or risky. However, I did have some dares that were pretty funny. Imitate a rock star...slow dance with a an article of clothing with another player...blow a raspberry on someone's tummy. I chose the baby for that last one. Next week, it's my turn to cook, so we are going to have lasagna with salad and garlic bread.

How was your weekend?


From the Mind of Thomasina said...

My family and I love MJ {especially my mom}, and we still can't believe he's gone. It's great your dad wants you to date lol!

From the Mind of Thomasina said...

My family and I love MJ {especially my mom}, and we still can't believe he's gone. It's great your dad wants you to date lol!

Kim said...

So jealous you were able to lay down new floors in the kitchen - that is on my list of things i NEED to do! Glad to hear that it wasn't super are inspiring me to try it out!

Lin said...

What a great weekend!