Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Hello readers! It's Tuesday January 18 and I have some good news. At the beginning of the month, I wrote down the following goals for January in my fantastic planner:

Organize cake supplies
Clean the dolls I found in storage (they had gotten moldy)
Re-do my budget for the year
Go through the pile of mail that collect for the past 2 months
Place a Mary Kay order
Pay off 1 credit card

I am pleased to say that I have done all but one! The only thing I haven't accomplished is paying off that one credit card. I don't know yet if I will be able to do it, but I do know that I get paid 3 times this month, so you never know what might be a possibility.

Anyway, on to the weekend.

Friday: I left work late because I was trying to wrap up some things. That night was a quiet one. I picked up Chinese for dinner, and watched my DVR shows and that was pretty much it. Oh, I did read from my new book as well.

Saturday: I took my mom's car to get an oil change, and then afterward, I visited my grandma for a while. She is currently in Texas for her annual vacation and I wanted to say hi before she left. When I got home, I took a nice hot shower and got dressed and my mom and I then played my new Scrabble game. I love playing Scrabble (even if my vocabulary isn't large). When Dad got home from work, we all went out to dinner and watched a little of the playoffs. I wasn't too much into the game, but there was a large group there that had a girl whose voice was louder than anyone in the restaurant and every time her team did something good, she would go crazy! It was actually hilarious because of the response she was getting from other people.

Sunday: I went shopping with my mom and got 2 new pairs of pants, a new purse, new sunglasses, and 2 new tops. It turns out that one shirt didn't fit, so that has to go back, but everything else is great. I do need to get the pants hemmed though, as usual. After shopping, I made chocolate chip cookies and went to Mrs. P's for our weekly "dinner and games" night. We played Scrabble instead of clue this time, and we had fun. The cookies were gone way too fast though. Especially since the two youngest boys didn't eat all of their dinner and they each had 2 cookies (which they snuck away without asking). Anyway, it was a good night and when I got home, I made a promise to myself that I will stick with my budget and not spend anymore money for the next 2 weeks because I spent all of my shopping money on Sunday.

*fingers crossed*

How was your weekend?


AG said...

yay for getting most of your goals completed! Awesome!

Gwen said...

Good for you girl!!! I love crossing stuff off of my to do list. Keep pushing and you'll get that card paid off in no time!!! XOXO

The Pink Tutu said...

Thanks for the welcome back! Great job on accomplishing your goals too. i need to follow suit!