Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday Night was Interesting

Like that title? It's pretty cool huh? It speaks the truth about what this post is in reference to, so just pretend you like it, okay?

On Monday, we got a terrible snow storm. It snowed for a solid 10 hours and we ended up with over 6 inches of snow. Needless to say, the road crews weren't very prepared (even though they knew it was coming, we had been warned for a week). They plowed our road, but didn't drop any salt or cinders at all, so we had a nice little sheet of ice with some powdery snow on top of it.

Well, about 100 yards from our driveway is a stupid blind curve that is on a slant that leads to a very deep culvert and another road that turns off of it right at the steepest part. You can't stop on this curve at all when the conditions are bad.

I was driving home from work and saw an SUV stopped in the middle of the road (just enough room for me to get through) and stuck in the culvert. There was a guy with a truck helping to alert traffic and she had called her husband to come get her out. Since I knew she was okay, I drove the remaining distance to the house and talked with my mom who was shoveling snow. Turns out, the lady had stopped to let a truck that was trying to pull out from that side road since he wasn't able to make the turn fast enough. Stopping causes your car to slide down to the left and then you get stuck.

We noticed my dad's truck coming around the curve and he hit his brakes to avoid hitting her, stopped, and then Mom and I watched in horror as his truck (brand new by the way, he just got it on Friday) slid down the road and into the culvert. In my mind, I saw his truck tipping and rolling (that's how slanted this curve is). Luckily, he didn't flip, but he got stuck good. The back right tire was just barely touching the ground.

Our neighbors have a big tractor, but tractors on ice are no help at all. Instead, we had to call AAA to get a tow truck to get my dad out. Keep in mind here, he was 100 yards from the house. I went out to stop traffic from on direction while someone else took the other direction. The lady's husband stayed and talked with my dad (they ended up knowing each other) and we all waited outside for the tow truck to come. That was 1 1/2 hours after the initial call.

When the truck finally gets there, it is dark and the guy is very rude and unfriendly. I know that he was busy with a lot of the same thing, but its his job. While he had the chain hooked to my dad and was working on pulling him out, some cars come down the road and stop no more than 10 feet from the tow truck. Idiots! Instead of giving the tow truck room to do his job, they ended up crowding him and he had to unhook my dad and let them pass. This happened twice! Can you believe how rude these people were? I was in the truck with Dad while he was towing and let me say, it's kind of scary. Especially when there is a possibility of flipping.

Finally, we were able to get Dad out of the ditch and he was able to drive the truck the remaining 300 feet to the house. It was crazy!

Something interesting occurred to me while we were waiting. It is amazing how committed some people get to a certain make of vehicle. Particularly, Chevy and Ford. We are Chevy people and the guy that was waiting with us was a Ford guy. His wife had called and he joked about how he wasn't going to hook up a Chevy to a Ford. He said the bumper would fall off. Later Mom and I joked about how it was the Ford's bumper that would fall off. It's not like he could have done much anyway because his truck was smaller and he would still be on a slant.

I am happy to be a Chevy girl. The proof: my HHR was able to make it around the curve, cut through the plowed snow that was piled behind my car in the parking lot yesterday, and still catch traction. Also, Dad's Silverado didn't tip over and stayed on a pretty steep angle for almost 2 hours with no damage made at all.

Monday night was interesting.

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Lin said...

Yeah...I'd say that was pretty interesting. Im glad your dad & his new truck are ok. I dont think I live anywhere near snow, I'm a bad enough driver as it is lol.