Friday, January 7, 2011

Ear Plugs Required

I am currently working in a construction zone. We have a new hire starting next week and they are getting their own office in a space right outside our office door. What this means though, is that all day long, we hear drills, saws, and classic rock. The music is great, but the noise can get really loud. Yesterday, we had to shut the door for a few hours because we couldn't hear our phones. It'll be great when it is all done, but we have a few more days of this still. Did I mention that there is a mess of sawdust and other items in the middle of our hallway? We have a group coming in tomorrow for a meeting, so I hope that the hallway is presentable by then.

Oh yeah, this Saturday is my Saturday to work. I am kind of excited to have a group here while I am working because the last time I worked a Saturday, it was really quiet. The meeting also ends at noon, so I will only be here for half the day. Yippee!

I have been working consistently on my training manual and it has gone from 58 pages, to 82 pages with me only being on page 67. Keep in mind that this isn't written like a textbook. It is in outline format and has a lot of pictures, but also a lot of information. My coworkers keep saying things along the lines of my staff not reading/caring/learning, etc. Although, what they don't understand is that when I say my expectations are for them to let me train them and for them to learn and apply this information, or don't waste my time. I can and will find someone else to replace them. Someone who actually wants to know what they need to do.

Anyway, I need to get to work on some projects, so have a good weekend!

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