Friday, December 31, 2010

2010--The Year in Review

I cannot believe that it is the last day of the year 2010. I had big plans for this year. I had dreams for this year. This year went by way too fast and I didn't get to do as much as I wanted. I didn't get to fulfill my dreams and plans for this year. I am trying to not sound like Debbie Downer, but this wasn't a great year. I can think of 2 really fantastic things that happened, and 1 really good thing that happened. The rest wasn't great at all.

January: Hired virtually all new staff at my old job and met some wonderful people. I miss a lot of those girls and want them to come work for me here. :)

February: Realized that I have been single for 4 years as of Valentine's weekend and learned that my ex was getting married. Although, since I bought a car in 2009, I did get a nice tax refund. I did have a fun weekend with Mrs. P while we were working a trade show together.

March: Went to Puerto Vallarta with my parents and enjoyed a fantastic week at a really nice resort. It was a much needed vacation and I really enjoyed the time with my parents. I went snorkeling, drank beer, tanned, read a fabulous book (The Go-Getter Girls Guide) and came home with a beautiful silver star ring and a white start necklace. Not to mention a good tan.

April: My best friend's grandma-in-law passed away. She happened to be one of my grandma's best friends. I did help celebrate Mrs. P's birthday as well as her son's birthday.

May: I worked way too much. My grandma did turn 72 though, and it was fun to help her celebrate. I also celebrated my mom's 50th birthday with a surprise party.

June: Nothing exciting happened in June. At least, until the end of the month, when I made a big decision and decided to leave my job.

July: Began a new job hunt and proceeded to learn a lot about myself. I said I would ask out this guy, but that never happened. Got to spend a wonderful birthday weekend with my parents and visited a town I don't get to go to often and saw a lot of great shows, ate great food, and enjoyed great shopping.

August: Went to another funeral for a family friend. Also attended the most disturbing wedding ever. I had a very successful garage sale too. Was really starting to enjoy not having a job to get up and go to. I worked way too much. Isabelle turned 4 years old.

September: I reached 400 posts on my blog and got a new hair style that I still have and absolutely love! I went on a great camping trip with my parents and the dogs and was so proud of Isabelle and Annie. I hadn't camped in years, so I had a great time. Had a lot of interviews, but no offers.

October: Celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday and went to a wedding for an old employee and realized how much I missed working with her. I learned even more about myself and posted about it. I celebrated another birthday of one of my honorary nephews. I was really starting to get worried about being unemployed because I still hadn't received offers. Then, my dad's mom passed away.

November: I became obsessed with Family Guy, but that's okay, the show is funny. My aunt went into the hospital and didn't come out. The best thing about November, I got a job! a good one too.

December: My aunt passed away. Annie turned 3 years old. Although I love Christmas and decorating and celebrating, I just wasn't feeling it this year. Too much happened in 2010. Tonight is New Year's Eve and I think I am going to stay in and clean my room. I am not feeling a big celebration. I am also at work all by myself today. At least I have projects to work on.

To say that this year was The Year from Hell, would probably be the best way to describe it. I did have some fun and enjoyed a lot of things, learned a lot about myself, got a new job, and started reading some more, but the bad may have outweighed the good this year. I hope 2011 is a better year.

Be safe tonight if you go out and have fun. See you in 2011!


Lin said...

It may have seemed like a rough year but there was a lot of good too & that's what you should always focus on. I know this year will be great for you!

Happy New Year sweets!

Gwen said...

What a crazy year girl!!! Wishing you all the best for 2011!!! XOXO