Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Hello Readers!

It was a fabulous weekend and I am so excited to record it here!

Friday: I finally got motivated enough to do a week and a half's work of ironing and scrubbed the kitchen sink sparkly clean! I also received a rejection phone call for the job I interviewed for that week. They did tell me that I was very professional and that after meeting me, he didn't expect anything less. He also told me that I ranked in the top 8 of the 38 applicants. That night, I relaxed at home and read some of my new book, "Everyone Worth Knowing". So far, it's been very enjoyable.

Saturday: There was a BBQ festival/cook off and my mom and I went to enjoy the beautiful day. It was great seeing the community come out for this event. I ran into an old high school boyfriend's parents and talked with them for a while. I remember his dad always being so talkative and his mom, not so much. My mom wants me to get together with older brother (who I graduated with). I think that seem weird.

That night, my parents and I went to a birthday party for my uncle's 50th and had a great time. I felt bad for my aunt because she was really sick and couldn't do a whole lot. There was so much delicious food and fun conversation. I am so glad we went.

Sunday: My dad and I finally made it out on the trail for a bike ride! We only did 23 miles total, but we were both so tired and wobbly by the time we were done. Part of that had been that we climbed up the bluff to view an overlook. This trail has a sign that reads "Strenuous Climb" and that is the full truth! I had to stop at least 5 times going up and I was really winded. We had a good time though and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for the ride. A lot of people thought so too because the trail was busy!

Now, its back to the normal routine of looking for a job and keeping up on cleaning/de-cluttering, and research to help make my interview performance better.

What did you do this weekend?

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Lin said...

What a fun weekend!