Friday, October 15, 2010

Lacking Motivation

I have to clean the house today, but I am lacking motivation. I have already been to a meeting to discuss my non-profit's website. It's actually kind of frustrating. I know I need to clean, and I kind of want to clean, but I really am not motivated to do it.

I would much rather read, walk the dogs, and enjoy the day. I got a new book yesterday (thanks Mom!) and I have an interview book that I have been reviewing and taking notes from.

Right now, Isabelle is laying on the back of the couch asleep in the window and she looks so peaceful. Can that be me? Only, in a chair and not of the back of the couch?

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Gwen said...

After spending the last few weeks with an overload of productivity I'm definitely not feeling it this weekend. I hope it comes back by tomorrow afternoon when I have to bust out a bunch of motivation. Good luck my friend!!! XOXO