Friday, October 29, 2010

Is It Really Friday Already?

Wow, I can't believe it is Friday already. This week has gone be so fast. At least it was a productive one. I went to an interview, got the house cleaned, finished all of the ironing and laundry, dusted and cleaned my room, and made birthday cake.

One of my honorary nephews is turning 4 on Sunday. For his party on Saturday, he wants a Spongebob cake. Well, his older brother already had one (it was the first cake I ever made by myself), so Mrs. P wanted me to make it a little different. So, since Little A is a Halloween baby, meet Frankenbob!

Isn't it great?!

Last night, my dad and I went to a football game for my old high school as they played for the conference championship. As a former cheerleader and color guard member, I was watching both teams and realized just how much I have wanted to be a coach. I have always wanted to be a coach and last night it was apparent. There was a big lack of direction on both teams.

This morning, I went to let the dogs out and took a quick glance at the thermometer and saw a reading of 32.5 degrees at 9 am! It was cold! There was frost on the grass and the dogs only took a collective 3 minutes to chase the squirrels and do their business. They were cold!

Well, I am going to get ready so I can meet my mom for lunch. Have a good Friday!


Kristin said...

You did an awesome job with that cake lady!

Mrs. S. said...

Have a great weekend!

Gwen said...

What a fabulous cake!!! Love it!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!! XOXO

The Pink Chick said...

What a cute cake! I know they loved it!!