Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Hello readers! I had a really productive day yesterday and I forgot to post.

Friday: I hung out with my mom and we sat outside and chatted. The weather was so beautiful these past few days. That was pretty much the night.

Saturday: I went over to Mrs. P's house to see the oldest son's newly redecorated bedroom. It is a pretty cool room that he can grow into. Then, she and I went to her sister's house and played 3 rounds of Scene It. I totally won! Mrs. P gave me a run for my money though.

Sunday: Mom and I went shopping so she could get some new jeans, and then we wondered around the new PetSmart in our area. I have a 30 gallon fish tank that I am working on restoring to a beauty. I received it covered in limescale build up with nothing else but the tank. I can't wait to get everything else for it so that it can be pretty again. After the shopping trip, it was a pretty lazy day.

Monday: I had a really productive day yesterday. Here is a list of everything I did:

Gave Isabelle a bath after she rolled in something smelly and gross.

Cleaned out a drawer tower that hasn't really been touched in about 3 years. I now have 3 empty drawers to fill.

Finished laundry and got all the clothes put away.

Applied to 4 jobs.

Began organizing my Christmas shopping lists.

Dusted my bedroom.

Organized the shelf in the spare bedroom.

Packed away all of my summer skirts.

Today is a big day too because I am getting my hair done in what feels like at least 5+ months. Then tonight I am going to a Mary Kay meeting. I haven't been to one in over a year and I really miss the ladies. I can't wait!

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Kristin said...

Can you send some of that productivity my way??