Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday readers! It's time for me to prepare again for another interview this afternoon. This one has a longer driving time than any of my jobs ever. It will take me about an hour to get there. I know that seems like nothing to some of you, but to me, that's a long time.

Friday: I was really tired on Friday and I am not sure why. I ended up falling asleep in the early afternoon while watching a movie and then again in the early evening while watching American Pickers on the DVR. Two naps in one day. I hung out with a friend of mine for the evening. We ordered take out and were able to finish watching Shutter Island. When we went to see it in the theater, the power went out. That movie was definitely something different and it wasn't a movie I will watch over and over.

Saturday: I helped my aunt put together a wedding cake she had done. It was stacked and since she doesn't have use of her right arm, I helped her put it together. Then, my mom and I went to pick up my dad's birthday present for my grandma. Since we knew exactly what he wanted, it made it easier for us to pick it up. After that, we went to meet my aunt again at her tailgate. The two of us had a good time and it was fun seeing all the tailgaters. I have only been to 2 before and I think we are going to have our own tailgate next time. We left at about 7 pm and 10 minutes from home, the clouds opened up and it stormed all through the night and didn't let up a bit.

Sunday: Sunday was the day of the Komen 5K Race for the Cure, but when I woke up, it was still storming and my mom and I both decided that we didn't want to get out in that. We had someone come by with some sweet corn that had been out at the race and she was drenched! After that little visit, I helped my mom do 20 dozen ears of corn to store over the winter. We shucked, pulled off hair, blanched, cut, and bagged 53 pints of corn and then had to deal with all the mess and cleanup. That was a lot of work, but now there is sweet corn in the freezer.

How was your weekend?


Tarryn said...

I'm not too familiar with corn but that sounds like a ton of work!!

Gwen said...

Um...I love American Pickers!!! And I definitely don't blame you...I would have skipped the run too. XOXO