Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview Day

Today is interview day! I am getting all prepared the best way I can. I really hope this goes well because it is on my old college campus with a lot of opportunity. I have a new suit to to wear and have printed out the description and am going to review it again today.

However, there is one problem. My face has decided to enter puberty again and I have broken out all over! It's really really annoying and it drives me crazy. It's not in a place I can hide it with my hair, its right in plain site. Ugh.

Wish me luck!


The Pink Tutu said...

Good luck on your interview!!
P.S. Those giant Ziplocs are great! If there is heavier stuff in them the handles may stretch a little, but do not tear.

Gwen said...

Good luck girl!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! XOXO

Ashley said...

Best of luck!!

Mrs. S. said...

Good luck! I am curious to know what position it is for since I do know where it is! :)