Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Hello readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I enjoyed mine!

Friday: My called me and said that I should take him out to his favorite brewery. That was fun to spend one on one time with him. We had good conversations, a lot of interesting people watching. And, I ventured out and tried two different kinds of beers that I realized I don't like. They were Porter and Stout. There was a terrible storm that came through while we were out, so we stayed an extra hour just to wait it out. There are trees down everywhere.

Saturday: I really don't remember the morning/afternoon parts of the day. I think it involved coffee, the patio, and my book. In the evening, I went to Mrs. P's house to help them celebrate their anniversary. We all went out to dinner (they bought my meal too) and then we got a great game and went back to play it while drinking coffee and eating Milanos. It was so much fun. Her mother in law had the kids overnight, so we were able to enjoy grown up conversation that was uninterrupted.

Sunday: My dad left for a week long camping trip and I went with my mom to get pedicures and to go shopping for my cousins. We were going to be seeing them later in the day and it was so much fun shopping for kids. I haven't shopped for a little girl in a very long time and it was so much fun. It brought back so many memories because the trends now are what was popular when I was that age. We even did a good job picking out things for the 13 years old boy too! It was so great seeing their faces light up. Yay!

Happy Monday!

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Gwen said...

Glad you had a good time on Friday and with your mom on Sunday. XOXO