Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday Readers!

This weekend was very...odd. At least, that is a word I can use to describe Saturday.
Sometime last week (I don't remember what day) I went to Michael's and used a gift card on some jewelry making supplies. I'm not sure, but this may become a new hobby. The store is going to be holding classes and I like the way mine turned out. I spent an hour in the store trying to decide which direction to go in. Here is what I made:

Friday: I had a lot on my to do list and I was able to finish everything except for the ironing. That's okay because it was a very productive day. I was also able to organize some Mary Kay supplies and I am just about ready to dive back in again.

Saturday: My cousin's wedding. This deserves a post of its own.

Sunday: I ended up spending the morning and early afternoon helping my dad power wash the house and clean out the camper. Both were in desperate need for that and you could really see the difference by the time we were done. I was really hot and thirsty at one point so I gulped my drink a little too fast and got this severe pain in my lower chest that seriously dropped me to my knees. I thought I was going to vomit and had to lay down for a minute on the floor. That pain was excruciating and I was so happy when it passed.

Later in the afternoon, I visited Mrs. P to tell her about the wedding and then went to the grocery store. I was a little upset that there weren't many deals or sales at the store, but I did remember to use my reusable bags and also remembered to get some pineapple juice for the Malibu that is in the cabinet. I gave the dogs a bath and got some cute photos of them.

I also discovered that Annie has poison ivy and I need to go to the vet's office to get some medicated shampoo. The poor thing scratches and licks her little legs and paws all the time. She is so miserable and I feel terrible. Hopefully the shampoo will help.

The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful! It was not humid at all and only about 85 degrees with blue sky and hardly any clouds. It's supposed to continue all week too and I am so excited! This is my kind of weather.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


McGillicutty said...

looks like you were busy! and I received my prize this weekend!!!! YAY!! the girls were excited that I was getting mail from "Miss Attitude".. lol. xx

Gwen said...

Um...loving the weather!!! We even turned our air off. Who would have ever thought that 85 would be fabulous. LOL!!!

Love your jewelry that you made. I used to do stuff like that now I just don't seem to have the time.

Sorry Annie isn't feeling well. Hopefully they can get her all fixed up and itch free fast!!!


Mrs. S. said...

It is so beautiful outside! I wish it could last the rest of summer. I love the necklaces! Very cute!