Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday!

This weekend was a successful and fun weekend and I am happy to report about it.

Friday: I opened up my garage sale at 7 am and proceeded to sell almost everything. I had a lot of people come out on Friday (they usually do) and they picked through everything. I had a whole table dedicated to my mom's clothing and three women were going through at once and by Saturday morning, I had 7 items of Mom's left! Her stuff is always popular. That afternoon, I closed up at 2 pm and took a 2 hour nap. Then I opened up again at 4:30 and sold a few more items to those who were on their way home.

Saturday: I opened up again at 7 am and had a really slow day. Saturdays are always slow when I have a 2 day sale and I closed up at noon. I took one 8ft table out to the end of the driveway with some items I didn't want to pack up and put a "free" sign on them. Grand total in sales was: $300 and all I have left is a bedroom set, one garbage bag of clothes and a duffel with some shoes to take to Goodwill. I am so excited!

While I was closing up, Mrs. P called me to see if I wanted to go with her to get her hair cut and I jumped on the chance. She decided to go really short and had a cute style picked out. Every time she has cut her hair, she has hated it, but this time, she loved it. We got of hair color and I dyed her hair a mahogany color (she's dark blond) and she got new makeup to give herself a little makeover. We had such a fun afternoon together and I am so happy for her. Her hair looks amazing!

Sunday: I slept in a little bit, then finished cleaning up from the garage sale. In the afternoon, I went shopping with Mom and found some cute items on sale and the stores were doing the "no sales tax" thing. We also got my dad a laptop for his birthday too. I have to go pick it up today.

Overall, this weekend was great and now it's back to finding a job. Wish me luck!


Domestic Goddess said...

congrats on the garage sale!! must be nice to be rid of everything!! :) i love a good cleaning out! good luck on the job hunt!!!

Gwen said...

That's a great garage sale total. Not to mention how fabulous purging everything must feel. XOXO