Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Random Thoughts for Friday

I have a busy day today and instead of writing a full post this morning, I am going to bullet point some thoughts.

Kesha performed on the Today show today and I love her music!

I have to wrap a wedding gift today, in addition to: cleaning the house, ironing, and make a scrapbook for my aunt.

I was called in for an interview the other day working in sales and I haven't heard anything yet. No one likes the guy who owns the company, though.

I got a tip off on a job this morning and I have already contacted the person in charge of it. They have my resume and I need to fill out the application as soon as it is posted.

The dogs and I went for a walk yesterday before it got too hot and muggy and when we got back, Annie didn't drink any water. I don't get it. She was doing so well.

I helped out Mrs. P last night at a work function so she could be with her sister while she was having a baby and the event was outside from 4-8 pm. Wow, she owes me.

The coffee pot is ticking and I am not sure why.

Isabelle is like a cat. She is currently sunbathing in some rays coming in from the window.

My friends and I used to have Friday the 13th parties at my house when we were growing up. for a few years, we would watch scary movies, but I don't do those very well, so we started watching funny movies.

Well, I need to get started on my chores.

Happy Friday!

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Mrs. S. said...

Have a great weekend!!!