Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mindless Musings of the Unemployed

Welcome to another edition of The Mindless Musings of the Unemployed.

I have had two interviews with one company. They were impressed with my portfolio and will have their decision by the beginning of next week.

I interviewed with a local florist for the position of a Wedding Director, but the hours and time spent are a lot like what I just left. Even though there is the potential to make a lot of money, my time and sanity are more important.

I came outside to have my coffee on the patio this morning and to watch the birds. I have no idea where all the birds are and instead, I have been throwing the ball for Isabelle.

If the dogs didn't need a bath before, they certainly do now. They are both covered in mud and squashed bugs (don't ask).

I have no idea why we even put the screens up on the canopy because we always keep them open and the ball gets caught up in it.

I was asked out on a date by the guy that sells skin and nail care products at a kiosk in the mall. He's cute and shameless and I think I may just call him.

I bought a pair of really cute black ballet flats yesterday and I am in love with them.

It's really starting to get hot outside and the clock on my computer only reads 9:43 am.

The birdhouse that I bought and painted in May finally has inhabitants and I think there are eggs/babies inside. I still don't know what kind of birds they are though.

I wish the University would move faster in their process of hiring. I have applied to over 20 positions there and only 3 have gotten back to me and that is only after I have called numerous times. Can't you at least let me know that you received my resume. At least I was that considerate when I was hiring.

My computer has been really slow lately and it's starting to drive me crazy.

Jen Lancaster has definitely made it on my list of favorite authors. I am now reading Such a Pretty Fat. Her blog is on my list to the right, if you haven't checked her out yet, do it.

We have had a strangely good combination of rain and sun lately, so even though its late into the summer, everything is still really green and pretty.

I have a to do list for today (as usual) and I want to get started on it so that I can feel accomplished.

I am planning on having a garage sale next weekend, so the first thing I am going to do today after giving the dogs a bath is clean out my bedroom closet. That usually takes about 3 hours.

I tried to take a picture of my Wii Mii, but the TV I used is old and the quality of the picture sucked. If I suddenly feel like moving the Wii upstairs to the good TV, you just might get to see how cute I look as a cartoon character.

There is a sweat bee that has not left me alone for the last 15 minutes and I am getting annoyed.

I has to call my old job in order to discuss an event for my non-profit organization, and my replacement wasn't very friendly. Maybe that was because it was just me on the phone.
I also had called her 4 times in one day and she never answered. Then I called twice yesterday before I got a hold of her. Like hell if I'm leaving a message.

A colony of ants has moved there home from the grass to one of the hummingbird feeders. So gross.

I detailed my car the other day and I feel so great everytime I get into it. I have officially owned my car for 1 year. Bring on the personal property taxes!

It never fails, just as I am ready to go inside, the birds come out and play.

Happy Thursday readers!


Lin said...

Well at least your relaxing during your time off of employement, lol. You should totally call that guy from the mall, dates are always a fun.

Mrs. S. said...

It is so gross outside right now...ugh. Good luck in your job hunting!

Domestic Goddess said...

Jen Lancaster is a freakin hoot! Her new book had me laughing outloud!!! Good luck on the job front..I KNOW you'll find something soon!! :)

Gwen said...

I'm tired of the weather too. If the muggies would go away I'd be happy. Still sending prayers for you on the job hunt. I know you'll have something soon. Um...and totally call the guy from the mall. :) XOXO