Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mindless Musings of the Unemployed

Welcome to a new segment on Life with Attitude: The Mindless Musings of the Unemployed. This segment will allow me to vent, reflect, and comment on the days of searching for a job.

Okay, to start, I have been applying to positions all over the country (no joke) since June 2009. Then, I started to get more serious during May/June 2010, and then again got really serious these last few weeks. I have lost count of all the jobs I have applied for, but I think we are at about 100 or so.

Of all of these jobs, I got 2 interviews and perhaps only about 10 responses to my application. I haven't even gotten many "thanks for applying, but we went with someone else". One reason some of the jobs I applied for last year never got back to me was that I didn't live in the area. I still don't, but want very much to relocate.

I don't get it, I have a good resume, a professional cover letter, and even calling cards. I turn in a nice presentation, fill out the 6-page required applications (all information on those can be found on my resume), and even called to follow up.

I have been without a job now for a week and a half and haven't really heard anything from most of the places. I have a phone interview scheduled to take place on Saturday sometime during a 4 hour time span (I know right? It's like the cable guy.) This is for a company that is brand new and no one even knows if it's going to last. But hey, it's an interview.

After I finish this post, I am going to go to the unemployment office to see if they can help me. As much as I love getting up everyday and being able to do whatever it is that I want to do, I miss not having a job.

I really hope to get some responses this week. I want to be able to start work the Monday following my birthday. Oh yeah, to add to all of this stress and upset-ness, my birthday is next Friday and I don't have anything to be proud of this year. And my back hurts so much from my fall on Sunday that I can hardly stand up and walk.

*fingers crossed*


Gwen said...

Girl I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending prayers your way. The market is horrible right now. I have friends that have been looking for at least a year. My Dad is still hunting too. I think right now the more experience you have the worse it is also. Keep your chin up and call me if you need any leads here. I'd be happy to help. XOXO

McGillicutty said...

new to your blog... and guess what? I'm in the same boat, maybe we should link up for a post!!! I'm a lot older than you and a lot more bitter but hey.. best of luck to you. xx