Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Been 9 Days

I went to the unemployment office today to take a clerical test (typing, Word, Excel, Ten-Key) and was told that my typing skills were "phenomenal". Can you believe that? On the 5 typing tests I have taken this week, my words per minute range from 53-63. That is pretty cool to me. I did well on the other tests too. At least I thought. I am still waiting to hear from some of the places that have my resumes. I am going to be making some phone calls tomorrow.

Right now, I am getting ready to have breakfast for dinner and it will be well worth it. I just got done training for the 5K and I did a 28 minute Wii Fit workout. It's amazing how much of a sweat you can work up in the coldest room in the house. I will have to show you guys a picture of my really cute (albeit, "obese") Mii.

My birthday is coming up next week and I would really like to do a giveaway for you guys. I will have to think of something that doesn't cost much since, you know, I don't have a job right now. Maybe I should take a look at my Mary Kay inventory....??

I was also able to get the house cleaned (all except the basement and my bedroom, that's tomorrow) today, so I feel like I had a pretty productive day today. I was also able to enjoy my morning coffee on the patio while watching the birds before the heat advisory kicked in. It has been so humid here this week. The dogs are only spending enough time outside to potty and that's it.

Well, its dinner time so I will catch you guys later!


Kim said...

so I've been a really sucky blogger recently and haven't even been reading any - so i just saw your news! You are definitely in my thoughts and I'm sure something will come along soon that is perfect for you! In the meantime, enjoy your down time and relax!!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at people's Mii's!!!

And, you totally rocked on those tests! :o)