Friday, July 9, 2010

I am going to give you a run down of today in bullet points because that is the only way I can get all of this information across without boring you, and because I feel like you should know what I do when I don't have a job.

  • Wake up and take dogs out

  • Begin morning routine of brewing coffee and deciding on breakfast

  • Decide that Reese's Pieces would be really good in waffles

  • Learn that Reese's Pieces are not good in waffles

  • Drink coffee while watching Will and Grace
  • Get a text message from replacement at old job (hmm...already?)

  • Clean 2 kitchen cabinets and discover multitudes of expired spices (who knew spices expired?)

  • Put dogs outside on patio so they can enjoy the beautiful weather

  • Go to let dogs in and discover that Isabelle can get through the baby gate (WTF?)

  • Eat lunch while reading Bright Lights, Big Ass.

  • Laugh at Bright Lights, Big Ass a lot

  • Read blogs

  • Read that a bloggy and RL friend is pregnant

  • Comment on the above mentioned post

  • Try to log on to post on my blog

  • Decide that the desktop computer is too slow and go get laptop

  • Discover that back is peeling from sunburn received on Monday (gross)

  • Fix baby gate so Isabelle can't get out

  • Bring drink, Reese's Pieces, camera, book, laptop, and binoculars out to patio

  • Plug in a fan because moving air keeps the flies away

  • Learn exactly how Isabelle and getting off the gated patio (see photo below)

  • Begin this post

  • Learn that I am becoming obsessed with Reese's Pieces

  • Keep Isabelle from leaving the gated patio, twice

  • Decide I should work on my portfolio

  • End this post

Happy Friday!

She gets out by jumping through the posts in the fence


Kristin said...

Really? They're not good in waffles. They sound like an awfully good idea to me. HA!

Anonymous said...

Love your post as I too contemplate chocolate for breakfast daily. I don't really eat large lunches so can't a gal have dessert after breakfast??

We have two blog awards for you over on our blog - you can find them here:

I've been putting Breyer's chocolate chip yogurt on top of waffles for breakfast... really odd and I can't believe I'm admitting this but I love it!

I Love Your Whole Face said...