Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Hello readers!

I had a pretty good weekend and I hope everyone else did too.

Friday: I was able to leave before the wedding started after spending time on the phone with 3 different bakeries tracking down the wedding cake for that night. After that, i came home and enjoyed some adult beverages and had a wonderful time playing with the dogs.

Saturday: I had to go into work for 4 meetings and to greet the client of another wedding. That was a busy day, but my mom was able to come and have lunch with me. I got to spend time with mom that afternoon and then while it was storming (again), I stayed up way too late watching Bridezillas and My Fair Wedding. I love those shows and I was really tired by the time I went to bed.

Sunday: I went with my mom to a water park for a couple of hours, but we got rained out (again) and went to visit my grandpa. He had an accident while cutting wood and ended up having to have a pacemaker put in. The man is stubborn as an ox and it's hard to keep him down. We had a great visit and I came home to give the dogs a bath and watch Bridezillas and My Fair Wedding (again, I know) because it was storming (again).

I am so sick of this rain. It's raining again today and while I was trying to get Isabelle outside this morning, she peed on my bed. Ugh. I took half a day today so I could go in for physical therapy and to take the dogs to the vet for their shops. They were so good at the vet's office. Unfortunately, I couldn't get in for therapy (remember my neck pain?) because my order had expired. I wasn't able to get in last month because I was working so much. So, I have to go back into the doctor's office to get another order. *sigh*

I am now fixing myself some lunch while the dogs take a nap (they always get tired after their shots). I think while I am eating, I will catch up on Drop Dead Diva and then spend the afternoon in the office.

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Gwen said...

What a fabulous weekend!!! So wonderful of you to visit your Grandpa and I'm addicted to wedding shows for some reason. LOL!!! Hopefully the rain is moving out today because I've had my fill too. Have a great week my friend!! XOXO