Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trouble in the Tank

Brace yourselves.....

Jack's dead. Remember Jack? The one I bought my first piece of furniture for? If not, (I mean, I only posted about him a couple of times) you can read about him here.

Jack was a cool fish. He was very active and I loved to watch him from my bed at night. Many times, I would wake up with him looking at me. I would place my finger on the glass and he would follow it. He was a very good fish.

Then, somehow, he got a bacterial infection which caused one of his fins to fall off (the equivalent to the right arm), his gills to become inflammed (meaning he gasped for air), and then, the worst, kidney failure. I know this because I looked up betta illnesses and found this great website.

Of all the ways to die, he suffered the worst thing anyone could suffer. I want to cry. Really. I know he was just a fish, but he was my fish. I cared for him like I do for all my pets. I am so sad right now. I haven't even gotten myself pulled together enough to flush him down the toilet.

Goodbye Jack! You will be missed.

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