Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Remember me?

Remember that ranting post from last Friday? Sorry you had to be the ones to get the ear full (or I guess, eye full?) of that. I was so stressed, so tired, and ready to blow. I am glad I did it here instead of in front of the big boss though.

Anyway, May is finally over. Thank goodness. Here is a little recap for you:

Grandma's Birthday
Mom's Birthday
Mother's Day
3 off property events
1 non-profit group appearance
5 Saturday meetings
8 weddings
19 other events
Graduation weekend

I worked a total of 27 out of 31 days in May. My grand total of hours worked: 255, and average of 65+ hours per week.

Incredible, huh? I am so glad that the month is over. By the way, the momzilla wedding went off beautifully, after a lot of hustle.
I am ready to start June with a clean slate. So far, so good. But then again, it is only June 1st. I took yesterday off and was able to get everything caught up by 3:30 pm today. I actually made it through a weekend with no voicemails. Can you believe it?

Things are going to be better, I just know it. I told the banquet manager today that I was letting the reins go a little and expected her to be able to take care of everything this week. There are events and I know she will be able to handle them. *fingers crossed*

Yesterday, I was able to enjoy my day off and get some things done that had been put on the back burner during the crazy month of May. I even started a new book! (more on that later)

Here's to a new month!


Lin said...

Holy cow...you're a workaholic, lol. Glad your taking sometime off, enjoy it :)

Kim said...

OMG - we are long lost twins!!!! so funny to read about your work stuff and be able to relate to everything! Hope you can take a few days soon to relax!

i'm adding you to my blogroll and i'm going to keep reading :-)