Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a Great Day!

I find it interesting how I was completing lazy at work yesterday and managed to only accomplish 3/4 of my work for the day before leaving at 5 pm. Today, I have gotten all caught up on Monday's work and almost finished with Tuesday's work in a matter of 2.5 hours. Pretty impressive, I say.

At the beginning of the work day, I was moving things around the office and ON said, "Damn, you smell good!" After work yesterday I went to the mall, got a pedicure (blue toenails!), bought a birthday card for my grandma (she turned 72 yesterday), bought a new scarf, bought some items for Mom (mother's day), bought 3 (yes 3) new books, was complimented on how pretty my hair was, was hugged by a stranger who complimented my hair, was hit on by a Greek man, and was complimented on my pretty dress.

That was a great day! Today should be just as good because I don't have to work late, it's 80 degrees and sunny out, I am wearing a cute skirt, and Harry Connick Jr. is on American Idol tonight, and it's Make Over Week on the Biggest Loser.


Kristin said...

Hey, can I borrow your day? It sounds lovely!

Gwen said...

What a fabulous day!!! I need one of those today. XOXO