Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Am Not Your Wedding Coordinator

So, there is this girl who thinks she might want to have her reception at my location next spring. Outside. For 250 people. During our busiest time of year. She knows two people I work with really well and I was told that I have to pull out all the stops to make this fantastic. No problem. I would love for her to have her reception here, but I don't have a signed contract. She hasn't even picked a date and now you want me to do all of this research and make estimates that require a lot of my time and pre-planning for a reception that hasn't even booked yet? I am NOT a coordinator. I would love to be one, but this job does not allow me the time I need to devote to being a coordinator.

Now, if I had a signed contract, of course I would do some leg work, give her the damn estimates and say, "here you go". Call me when you are ready to finalize your menu. My job is the vendor contact for the location. I help with the menu, bar, and setup. Everything else is up to the bride (or her coordinator). I spent a lot of time making these things, got at least 5 follow ups from 2 different people about the status of them (impatient people can make me mad), and I still don't have a signed contract. The estimates I sent didn't even include a fee for all of the work I did. I expect something out of this that can go into my back pocket.

All I have to say is that she had BETTER book this damn thing.

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Gwen said...

UGH!!!! It drives me crazy when I bust my butt to go out of my way at work and then they cancel it or don't follow through. Good luck girl!! XOXO