Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Biggest Loser Finale

YAY!!! I was so excited for the finale. My favorite part is seeing all of the eliminated players come back and show off their work. They all looked fantastic! I was a little disappointed in the brown team, but at least they made an improvement. I was the most excited about the final three. Thank goodness America didn't choose Koli because he would have won and I was not liking his attitude lately. You can't tell me he wasn't cocky. His little comment about not mistaking his confidence for cockiness was just ridiculous. Throughout the season it was obvious he wanted the confetti.

Can I just say that the final three looked unbelievable. These 3 were my favorites from the very beginning. I loved watching them progress and overcome so many things. Mike was truly an inspiration as the heaviest contestant ever. I could not believe his transformation and I was so proud for him. I can't wait to see how much farther he goes.

Also, who could forget Shay from last season? She has come so far and looks absolutely amazing! Such a beautiful person on the inside and outside. How about $52,000 for the 52 pounds she lost? That's great, but the best part was when Jared from Subway said they would DOUBLE that if she trained and completed a marathon later this year. Hell Yeah!

Something I have learned from watching this show for the past 8 seasons (I didn't watch the first season), is that this is a complete lifestyle change and you have to be ready and willing to make that change, however drastic it is, in order to succeed. I have fought a weight problem for the last 4 years and I am fed up with it. I know I have to make a lifestyle change, but and I truly ready for it?


Kristin said...

WHY haven't I gotten off the couch to work out recently? Pitiful. Those people are all so amazing!

Mrs. S. said...

The finale was terrific! I think as soon as I saw them doing the marathon, that was when some of the realization set it. It can be done, no matter where you start from. You are right though, it has to be a lifestyle change that you are ready for. Being ready seems to be the key to success in this.