Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Hello readers! It is a cool, gray, and rainy Monday here. What about where you live? I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was good in some parts, bad in others.

Friday: I was able to leave work a little early to deliver some things to my Alma mater. I was invited to participate in a networking event for the students, so I am really excited about that. I was able to finish Mrs. P's birthday present also. It was so cute, but I forgot to take a picture. I gave her a terracotta pot with some herb seeds, pruners, and gardening gloves along with some really great wine!

Saturday: Met my parents for lunch after sleeping in a little bit. Then, it was off to work where I didn't have to stay too long. That made me happy until I got to the parking lot. On my way into work, I hit a pothole in the parking lot just right and had busted my tire. Thank goodness I have Onstar, because I was able to get someone to come out and change the tire for me. To make matters worse, it was raining...a lot. The guy who helped me was really friendly though and I think I convinced his wife to bring him out our location. :) I got home later than planned, took a shower, and immediately put my pajamas on (this was at about 8:30 pm). I watched movies, had dinner, and went to bed a little early.

Sunday: Woke up to learn that my dad had taken my car to get the tire fixed and that was sweet and all, but it cost $150! For 1 tire. I was a little hurt when he didn't believe that I could change the tire myself (I do know how to do that), when all that was needed was for the rim to be taken in and get a new tire put on. Oh, well. My tire was fixed and I was able to drive my car to work. We had to move the wedding inside because it was raining again and we discovered a new leak in the banquet room. yippee. I was not very happy. Then, I only went into to work to do a site visit (but ended up being needed for a while) and the person didn't even show up. If you have been reading for a while, you know how I feel about people who waste my time. After I left work, I was able to visit Mrs. P for her birthday and had a good little visit. Then, I came home, got comfy, and was ready for bed at 8:30, but forced myself to stay awake until 10 pm. This rainy weather we have had for the last 4 days had made me really tired.

The dogs got a bath yesterday, but I forgot to clean Jack's tack. Oops, maybe I will be able to do that tonight when I get home. I do have a meeting tonight though. Hopefully we will get done early.

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Gwen said...

What a fabulous gift you put together for Mrs. P. I bet she loved it!!! I'm sorry about the flat tire and having to work later than expected. That sucks. Hope youhave a great week!!! XOXO