Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday and I am just now doing a weekend recap. Why did I not do it yesterday? Because I took the day off and only turned on the computer to check my bank account.

Friday: Worked late. Enough said.

Saturday: Got to work at 10:45 am and began to run around like a mad woman because of some changes with that night's wedding. What did the coordinator do exactly? Dictate. Who did all of the work? Me. I left about a hour later than I had hoped because dinner service was a cluster mess. Everything else went great though, until I discovered flower petals mixed in with rocks. So, myself and another staff member had to clean all that up so the space would look good for the next wedding the next day. I let the dogs out when I got home and played with them for a while, took some Severe Allergy Benedril and went to bed around 11:00 pm.

Sunday: Got to work at 2:30 pm and worked straight through until 1 am. That was a really long day. The wedding was the best wedding I have experienced and was so pleased with everything. Even the staff enjoyed that night. The guests and clients were very pleased and I was so happy. When I got home, I played with the dogs for a while, but I was so tired, I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Apparently, I was snoring so loudly that it was disturbing the dogs, and they started barking and jumping up and down on me. That was at around 2:30 am, so I went to bed.

Monday: I took the day off and forced myself to get up at 10:30 am. I tried to keep myself busy so I would fall asleep, so I went to Wal Mart for some things and ending up spending over $70 and only bought shampoo, conditioner, and a loofa for myself. The rest was for the dogs and bird seed. I then went to Hallmark to get a birthday card for Mrs. P (her birthday is Friday and I still have no idea what I am going to get her) and then met a friend for lunch. When I got home, I put the bird seed into the feeder and Isabelle decided she wanted to eat a portion of the food brick (you know, the ones made of lard and seed). Gross. I was crossing my fingers all night hoping she wouldn't throw it up and I would have to clean it. She didn't though. Yay!

I was finally able to give my honorary nephew his birthday present (only 6 days late) and he loved it! I got him a remote control Chevy Camaro and it is so cool! Of course, his little brother wanted to play with it, which led to arguments, fights, and the toy being taken away. After only about 20 minutes of play. It was so dramatic. *sigh*

Today, I had 19 messages on my phone and I have not be able to get anything done because the phone keeps ringing. What makes me irritated is when people leave a message one day, and call again the next day wondering if you are ever going to get back to them. Helloooo! You are not the only one who wants to talk to me. Get over yourself. I will call you back when I have the chance (like my phone message says). I have 2 days worth of work to do and I am unable to print anything because the stupid printer is broken. I hope it is fixed before my 2 pm meeting today. I have a lot of things that need to be printed and copied.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Gwen said...

What a busy weekend. I'm glad the wedding on Sunday went great and that your "nephew" loved his gift even though it's now on hold. LOL!!! Gotta love the little ones. Hope you have a great week friend!!! XOXO