Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's another Monday, another new week, and another recap post. I know, I live such an exciting life!

Friday: I had a site visit at work that took a little longer than expected, but I was able to get home and enjoy a glass of wine on the deck while the sun still shined and the dogs ran around the yard.

Saturday: I had to go into work for a couple (3) meetings while the new banquet manager opened the event all on her own. When I show up and the event had officially "started" 2 hours before and there were no guests, we decided to call them to see what was up. They had decided to go to another location on property for their party. WTF!! I was so angry because if there is anything that can make me mad it's wasting my time. I had 3 people on staff that had their time wasted, I missed out on the possibility of a wedding (I had 3 inquiries about that date by the way), and we didn't make any profit off this group. So, I sent 2 staff members to the other location to help out and the other one home.

After that, I met my parents at a local restaurant for drinks and a late lunch. Then, I went to Mrs. P's house and lost BIG time in German Rummy all while be interrupted by 4 different children for 2 hours. *sigh* I really like kids, but Mrs. P and I couldn't talk about a lot of things you talk about with your girlfriends because there were 4 kids treating her (and the table) like a jungle gym. I did have fun with the card game though.

Sunday: I had to work in the morning and train the new manager on a type of event that she would need to be able to do on her own and we spent a good time together chatting (the event didn't need our attention 100% of the time). That was a great day because we were out of work by 4 pm and I still got to enjoy wine on the deck while the sun shined and the dogs played in the yard.

I also washed my car (for the first time since 1/2 way through winter) and spent $3.25 just vacuuming! Then, another $3 washing the car. There are still some spots that needed extra attention, but anything is better than what it was. There was a bunch of stuff in the back of my car that I had to clean out. I have a serious problem with messing cars and my was (to me) disgusting! I feel so much better now though.

This week is going to be a boring week in the office because 2 coworkers are gone, but Lolita and Office Neighbor. There is no one to go to lunch with, no one to pick on, and no one to talk to. It's just me, the office manager (who I like) and the big boss. *sigh*

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