Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Pain in the Neck

I am sure you have heard of people complaining about something or someone being a pain in the neck, right? Well, I have a quite literal pain in the neck. I have had this pain for over 2 months now. It feels like I slept wrong, but it hasn't gone away. I went to the chiropractor because I thought I needed an adjustment. They also have a cool "rolly bed" that rolls all the way up and down the spine. I thought that might help. Nope. He gave me some exercises and stretches to do, but that hasn't helped. Pain killers are pointless.

Then, I was reading an article about people who thought that their random ailment was nothing, but turned into something dangerous, so I called the doctor. He sent me in for an X-ray to see what was going on. An X-ray of the neck is a lot different from an X-ray of the foot, by the way. The technician was kind of cute though. Well, finally, I got my results back yesterday and the doctor wants me to come in for an appointment today. Why? Well, the X-rays show that the curvature of my spine is reversed. Reversed? WTF??? How on Earth did that happen? WTF??

I was talking to my mom and she is all worried now. She has kept asking me what I have done, what have I lifted, etc. to see what has caused this. I have a lot of questions for the doctor today and I want to know what is going on and when it will go away. This pain is ridiculous!

Wish me luck...


Lin said...

Good luck!

Gwen said...

Girl keep me updated. Sending prayers your way. XOXO