Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctor Follow Up

I went to the doctor on Tuesday to discuss the results of my X-Ray. The doctor verified that the curvature of my spine has indeed reversed. How? Who knows. It could have been from sleeping wrong, jerking my car, stepping off the curb wrong, stress, lifting something too heavy, anything. Will it go back to normal? Yes, but with physical therapy. The doctor also prescribed my a muscle relaxer because the pain is from a muscle spasm. I have had those plenty of times.

When I was leaving, he said this: "If you're not a happy camper in a couple of months, come back and see me." A couple of months!! Are you kidding me? It's already been 2.5 months!

I am supposed to take the muscle relaxers 3 times a day, but I said "F No!" I have only been taking them at night when I go to bed and boy, is it hard to get up in the morning?! I am so sleepy now. I have to make time to go do physical therapy, but I really don't know when I can do that. I am at the beginning of my busy season.

Oh, boy.



Gwen said...

I'm glad you have an answer. I hope you start to feel better fast!!! I can't believe you've been waiting for an answer for this long. Relax tonight if you can. :) XOXO

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry. What a pain. Hopefully you'll be on the mend ASAP!