Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before Being Green Was So Popular

In honor of Earth Day, I would like to share with you an observation I made while watching one of my favorite TV shows, Home Improvement. Remember this show? I love it so much and I actually cried while watching it's final episode.

Anyway, back to my observation.

If you ever pay attention while watching the show, you see that mom, Jill Taylor never comes home from the market with plastic bags. Ever. The only time you ever see her with a plastic bag is if the family ordered take out. Instead, you always see Jill coming in from the garage with 2-4 canvas bags filled with groceries. The groceries would be unloaded and put away and the bags would then be transferred from the counter to the hooks by the door. Cool, huh?

She was using the reusable totes long before it was considered cool and everyone wanted to play their part in helping the environment. Nowadays, every store you go into has a reusable bag for sale. I love reusable totes and have quite a few myself. I always forget that they are in my car when I go into the store, but I have used them a couple of times this week and I am very proud of myself. Do you use the totes when you go shopping? If I don't use them for shopping, I definitely use them when I need to carry some things to and from the office, or while on a trip. Example: packing my makeup, brush, and a change of clothes when I have to work a long day.

Happy Earth Day!


Gwen said...

I used my bags about 85% of the time. Sometimes I forget to get them out of the car until I'm at the check out line. But I always put them right back in the car when I'm done so I know I have them with me!!! XOXO

P.S. I loved Home Improvement too. :)

Kristin said...

Wow, I never noticed that. That IS cool! Go Jill!