Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Days to Go!

Hi everyone! Guess what? In two days, I will be on a plan to Mexico! Yippee!!!

I have almost gotten everything done that needs to get done before we leave. All I have left to do is comb the dogs, get them packed and drop them off at the kennel tomorrow, take Jack to my grandma's tonight, pack my suitcase tonight, get my carry on bag ready, and paint my toe and fingernails. This is so exciting!

As for the work side of things, I need to make an event plan for the new manager for the event that is taking place while we are flying back, charge a client's credit card for a food order, and make and send the new schedule out to my staff. Things are moving right along.

Does anyone here watch American Idol? I am happy with the top 12, but I was sad to see Lacey go last night. She was one of my favorites. I also LOVE Siobhan, Lee, Paige, and Andrew. Fingers crossed for them to make it far.

What plans do you have for the weekend? I know that spring break has started all over the country, so these next two weeks are going to be filled with vacations, fun, and the occasional sunburn.

Happy Thursday!


Gwen said...

WOW!!! You have a lot to do but you will have so much fun!!! Relax and enjoy every minute of your vacation!!! XOXO

Bombtastic Belle said...

Hope you have a blast in Mexico! :)

My parents go a few times a year and love it there.