Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday...Yay!

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited that it is Friday finally. This week dragged on and on. Last night I enjoyed a Champagne Thursday and it was great! I also watched American Idol and was very happy with the results. By the way, Kara is getting really annoying with all the leaning and "up in Simon's space" that been happening lately.

Tonight will be a late night for me, I have a rehearsal dinner at work and am training 2 new staff members. I am really excited that this weekend there are actually 3 events happening. It's nice that the events are picking up a little again. It's also 50 degrees and sunny here today which is amazing! I took a walk today at lunch and have been really enjoying the sunshine. This means that spring is right around the corner and I am all giddy. I also know that with spring comes the start of my "season" and I won't have a break for about 6 months from now, but it's going to be a great year. *fingers crossed*

My boss approved all of my new equipment and supply requests, so I have been purchasing like crazy! Two of my items came in today and I am thrilled! I have ordered some more items that should be in within a week and then I will be ordering more stuff next week. It's like Christmas for my department!

I bought some Nutella at the store today and I am just itching for a bite. I am waiting until it is a little later in the afternoon when it will be time for a snack. I have crackers to spread it on and I am super excited. The first time I tried this stuff was when I was in Italy back in high school. I am so glad that it is available in the stores around here now. I don't think I have ever mentioned just how much I like hazelnut. Mmm....

I also wanted to give you an Annie update, she is doing really well. The cuts are healed, now she is just bald in those spots for a while, and her rib is healing very slowly. I have noticed her running and jumping and putting more weight on that front leg. Her bruise is completely gone now too!

Well, I get to work all weekend, so I hope that everyone has a good weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we will have a beautiful weekend!

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Bombtastic Belle said...

Glad Annie's doing better - I was wondering!

I'm a Nutella fan, I haven't had it in forever though.