Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Wow, it's been 5 days since I last posted! That's insane. But I have a good reason, I promise.

Thursday was a whirlwind of a day. I was running around like it's no body's business. I had a meeting show up, get this, 1 DAY EARLY for our meeting! That completely took a whole hour out of my dad and I had a lot I needed to get done before an incredibly insane event we had that night.

Friday: I took Annie and Isabelle to the vet. Annie is getting better, slowly and I am supposed to keep up with limiting her activity and putting the ointment on her wounds. Isabelle has a bump on her leg, I don't remember the name for it, that should eventually go way. One to two months! That's crazy. I had to leave early to pick them up, so I didn't get to do much as far as reading and commenting. I don't even remember if I checked my personal email that day.

Saturday: Got my taxes done and I am getting a refund. Thank goodness. It's not a large as last year because, once again, the company I work for screwed their employees. However, the refund is large enough to pay for both the trips I plan to take this spring. Yay! I also cleaned the house and then went over to Mrs. P's for a Pampered Chef party and then afterward, we watched Couples Retreat and proceeded to laugh our asses off! I love that movie. The only downside to the night was that the youngest child wasn't feeling very well and every time we would laugh at the movie (which was pretty often) he would cry out that we were hurting his ears. Okay, with all due respect to parents and Mrs. P (I know you read sometimes), if your child is feeling a little sick, lay them in their bed to rest, don't let me run around the living room and jump on the couch and climb all over you and then proceed to complain when you are trying to have an adult conversation or enjoy a movie. I love those boys with all my heart, but there comes a time when they need to lay down for bed, especially if it is after 9 pm and they are only 2 years old.

Sunday: My mom and I went to see Dear John at the theater. That movie was not what I had expected at all! I was expecting a typical romance movie, but it was more sad than anything. I loved the movie and really enjoyed the story line. I am still thinking about the movie today. a bonus for the movie, Channing Tatum is SEXY!! Too bad he's married. Totally typical of the guys that interest me. They are always taken.

Happy Monday everyone!


Mrs. S. said...

He is quite sexy!!!

AG said...

sounds like a fun weekend! Glad Annie is getting better. And thanks for reminding me that I need to get my taxes done. :)

Gwen said...

What a fun weekend!!! I'm so glad Annie is getting better and it sounds like Isabelle has the same type of thing Baxley has on his head. LOL!!! YAY for tax refunds and I'm glad you liked the movie. I want to see it but I'm saving my movie theatre popcorn calories for Alice in Wonderland. :) XOXO