Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Boredom

This morning was a very good morning at work. Notice I said "was". I got in and got straight to work at 9 am and by 11:30 I was done with all of the work I could do. There were a couple of projects in which I was waiting for someone else in order to finish. It's almost 4 pm and I haven't gotten those done. I goofed off for an hour before Lolita and I went to lunch. Then, I had a meeting this afternoon at 2 and now I am just sitting here, already mentally checked out for the day.

My super sweet staff member went into labor today (induced at 6:30 am) and we are still waiting for baby. I haven't seen her in about 1.5 months and have a little gift for her, do I am hoping the baby will come soon so I can give it to her today.

Since I have been kind of bored today, I have been snacking like crazy. It sucks because I really want to drop this excess weight I have accumulated over the past few years. I was shopping at the mall yesterday and went into stores I used to frequent that now the clothes don't fit and it brought back all these great memories of when I was thinner and happier. I could even remember certain outfits I wore at certain times. Even more motivation to get my ass in gear. That, in addition to the week long family vacation to Mexico at the end of March.

Maybe I should put the red hots away...

Ooh! Look! Corn Flakes in my lunch bag...

I want to go shopping for myself so, so, so, bad! There is a whole list of things I need/want and I really could use some retail therapy. Here's a short list for you: new pillows, new work clothes, new casual clothes, bathing suit cover up for the beach, sandals, new shoes, etc.

I need to make an appointment with my chiropractor because I have had two knots in my neck and such a pain in my neck for the last week! It feels like I slept on it wrong, but it hasn't gone away like that pain normally does.

Tomorrow, Joanne Fluke had a new book coming out that I will rush to Barnes and Noble for: The Apple Turnover Murder! YAY!!! I am so excited! Can you tell?

My office phone has been pretty quiet all week. OK, so these last 2 days. Maybe I should just go on and leave? I did double check and the ringer is not turned off. Hmm, take it while you can because here in about a month, I am going to be so busy I will wish the phone will stop ringing.

Anybody else sick of winter? I really love winter, and snow, but I am so sick of it now. This time of the year sucks because we want to make the transition into spring, but the weather won't cooperate. At least the sun is shining today.

I didn't really mean for this post to be so long, so I am going to stop rambling now. Happy Tuesday!


Gwen said...

Girl. I am so tried of the winter. I need som nice warm weather soon or I'm going to go crazy!!!

Definitely get yourself this polish color. You won't be sorry. :)


Ashley said...

ooooooh red hots. I want some but can never find them anywhere. :)

Lin said...

Oh man do I know what your going through unwanted weight. I've been saying I'm going to try shedding a few (10-15) pounds but I have yet to shed 1. It's so hard to break my fast food eating habbits but I'm blowing up as we speak ha ha. BTW, I'm totally green with envy that your going on a trip to Mexico in March. I need a vacation so badly!

AG said...

winter is awful! I'm right there with you. We are having a snow storm right now and I can't even look outside. ugh! I can't wait for flip flops and a tan. :)

AG said...

The Keurig machine has coffee cups (K cups) that are used with the machine. You can get the special filter for it so you can make your own k cup with regular coffee. I haven't tried that yet because the coffee cups are so wonderful! Check them out at Bed Bath and Beyond. :)

Kristin said...

I always snack when I'm bored too! And I am WAY ready for Spring. It teased us here in Florida yesterday with a beautiful day and then was nasty today. Boo.

Brianne said...

i'll high five the whole sick of winter. i can't do it anymore. i thought moving to louisville was south enough and i was w.r.o.n.g.