Friday, February 5, 2010

Annie Update

Here's the only thing I don't like about my vet, they say they will call you with an update, but they don't. Many times, we have had to call to check on the dogs to see if they came out of surgery okay, etc. Today was no different. I do know that they were busy, so I will let it slide this time. Other than that, things there are great. I have two cousins that work there and they are always accommodating when we need them.
After a few phone calls to the vet today, Annie is doing alright. Here's the breakdown:

She is severely bruised (you can see it under her hair. It's pretty much her whole right side.

She is very doped up right now and will be for the next couple of days.

Her 3rd rib on the right is cracked and will take a while to heal.

No stairs, no jumping on or off furniture, no rough housing with Isabelle, etc.

She has to take an antibiotic 3 times a day for 10 days and go back for a follow up.

There were 11 total abrasions, but 4 of them need to have a medicated salve applied every night until healed.

She must stay confined in her crate until she can move comfortably.

Poor baby.

She is home now and resting. I have put her food and water in the crate for her and she is eating very well. Isabelle is concerned for her. She keeps going up to the crate and sniffing and checking on Annie. I still can't believe the driver didn't stop to find the owner. There are only 3 houses in this area that the dog could have belonged to. And, it was only around 6 pm, so, not that late.
Thanks so much for your concerns, and please keep her in your prayers. It was a very long and tiring day for me (and her) and hopefully she will heal soon. They told me that warm baths will help with the healing process beginning next week.
Right now, Isabelle has lost a toy under the coffee table and is growling at it, so I need to go retrieve it for her. Have a good weekend!


Bombtastic Belle said...

I am so glad nothing major was wrong with Annie! Now she'll get to veg out while getting better. :)

Gwen said...

Poor Girl!!! So thankful she is back home and will be okay but I sure hope the person that hit her is filled with guilt. How awful. Keep us updated on how she is doing. XOXO