Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Hello Readers!

Even though I was still technically on vacation, I had a very busy weekend. But first, let me tell you about how my morning started.

I forgot to put water in the coffee pot and didn't realize it until I tried to start it. I also forgot to feed the dogs this morning (thank goodness they don't eat in the morning), then, I got all the way to work and when I went to reach for my computer bag, I realized I left it at home. So, I had to make the 45 minutes journey back to the house to get my computer. I ended up losing 2 hours at work. Although, I only stayed 20 minutes late and was still able to get caught up on all the work from when I was gone for a week and a half. Amazing, huh?

Okay, now for the weekend:

Thursday (New Year's Eve):

Helped Grandma put all of her Christmas decorations back in her attic and fought with the tree box in the process. I won.

Hung out at some friends' house and played cards all night. In bed by 1 am.


Had to go into work (on 1 of the only 3 paid holidays we get) to clean up after the party we hosted. Then, set up for a rehearsal dinner. I let the new manager level girl take over and used that time to catch up on my emails. My night was so easy and I felt so good when I left that night.


Went shopping with Mom at Hobby Lobby and got all kinds of cool new stuff for my bridal show table.
Baby sat for Mrs. P in exchange for her help at the show on Sunday. The kids were really good. I only had to get onto the 3 year old twice. They both fell asleep while we were watching Coraline. That's a weird and freaky kid's movie, by the way.


Traveled an hour to work a 5 HOUR BRIDAL SHOW!!! It was a lot slower than last year and having Mrs. P there to talk to made the day go by much faster. I hate shows that last forever.

Well, that was my weekend. It was busy for being on "vacation". Anyway, its back to the daily grind and I have all kinds of little projects to work on. I bought myself a really cool planner that I just love and can't wait to fill it up and actually use it.

I will be back tomorrow with my resolutions.

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Gwen said...

Glad you had a good weekend even if you did have to work a little. I love laid back NYE. They always seem more fun. :) XOXO