Thursday, November 19, 2009

If My Life Were A Movie

This post been a few days in the making. Not too long ago, I was reading Tia's blog, and she had posted who the actors would be if her life were a movie. I loved the idea and started thinking of what actors would be in my movie.

I know that "Life With Attitude" would be a wonderful story of an opinionated girl who is obsessive compulsive and trying to find Mr. Right Now, while dealing with her silly parents, trying to make progress in her career, raise her dogs, and still have a normal life.
Okay, starting out, the family:
Bruce Willis (complete with facial hair and ball cap) as: The Dad, the tough man that is determined for his little girl to be independent
Christine Ebersole as: The Mom, the fun and lovable mom that tells it like it is, and loves her family more than anything else

Christina Applegate as: The Other Daughter (if she even makes it into the movie with her bitchy attitude and selfish behavior, plus she lives in a completely different state) (no really, I like Christina, but she looks a lot like my half sister)

Kirsten Dunst as: The Best Friend (Mrs. P), opinionated yet sweet, very caring and laid back (balances Ms. Attitude perfectly)

Ms. Betty White as: The Grandma, a woman who says what she wants and lives her life to the fullest

The CoWorkers, where Ms. Attitude spends a lot of her time

Denzel Washington as: The Supervisor, big intimidating teddy bear who you can open up to and genuinely cares about people

Kate Hudson plays Lolita (aka friend, mentor) with great style

Jackson Rathbone (only with short blond hair) rounds out the cast as Office Neighbor. The guy who is fun to pick on, but still a cool guy (complete with crooked grin)

And me, well, I would be played by Ginnifer Goodwin. The heroine of our story who is still sweet and lovable and you can't help but love.

Well, there you have it. A super great movie about an average American girl and the fantastic cast to play it out. Go get the popcorn...
Who would be in your movie?


Lin said...

I'd definetely watch your movie! I'm a huge fan of Ginnifer Goodwin, I love her in Big Love.

I dont know who'd I'd get to play me or my nutty family but I know I'd totally have Seth Rogen play the role of my hubs. They're both laid back, cocky, funny & adorable!

Gwen said...

OH!! Can't wait to see the Ms. Attitude movie in theatres. :) XOXO

The Pink Chick said...

I love this post! Sounds like it would make a great movie!!! Love your casting!

Mrs. S. said...

Fun! I must do this post!

Tia said...

oooh i LOVE ginnifer goodwin! great choice.