Friday, October 9, 2009


So...I am sitting in the office all by myself.

It's cold and rainy outside (high today is 49 degrees).

I have a heater blowing on my feet.

I just got a new screen for my computer, so the stupid green lines are gone! (I would link to that post, but I can't find it)

Mizzou lost of Nebraska last night because they slacked off at the end of the game.

I fired someone on Tuesday.

I have to have a dress altered before next Saturday, as well as find a good bra to wear with it.

I need to replace a pair of shoes I just bought for work at the beginning of the year.

I don't want to do any work today and I have 2 meetings.

I need to start my Christmas shopping, but first need to make my list/budget.

I lost 4 pounds over the weekend!


Gwen said...

So proud of you for the 4 pounds!!!! XOXO

Mrs. S. said...

I love this list! I hate that it is freezing. :(
Good work on the 4lbs!!!

Lin said...

Wow, 4 lbs over the weekend, awesome!

Congrats :)