Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sad Moment Today

Today there was a very sad moment in our home. Gloria died. It was so sad, I actually almost cried.

I went to change her water because I noticed that she wasn't eating as much lately and kept laying on the bottom of her aquarium. She didn't even eat this morning. I had new rocks to put in there an everything.

Once I got everything cleaned out, I put her back in the aquarium and she went crazy. She starting attacking the rocks and darting across the water. She even jumped once. Then, she went nose down and stayed that way for a while. When she didn't move when I poked her with the net, I realized that she must have died.

I think what had happened was that the water was getting cold (her tank sat on a table right by the window) and she had gotten sick. Then, the new water had been a little too warm and the shock must have been what killed her.

It is so sad. I killed the hardiest fish out there. This was the first fish I ever had too. I choose to believe that she was sick first and then shocked.

I will be getting a new fish though because I enjoyed having a fish. I think I will get a male though.

Rest in Peace Gloria.


Lin said...

Aw...I'm sorry about Gloria. I'm sure she's in lil fish heaven living it up though :)

Gwen said...

Poor Gloria. I agree with Lin. She's having a great time in that fishbowl in the sky.

I'm doing great. Just super busy at work and home so I haven't had time to post. I will be today though.

Thank you for checking on me. :) Sometimes I need that kick in the butt. LOL!! XOXO