Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New Fish

As you may know, Gloria died on Sunday.
Monday after work, I went to get a new fish. I stood and stared at all the males (cause I wanted a male this time) for a good hour almost trying to decide. I didn't want to get a blue one (even though they were cool looking) because blue is the most popular. I didn't want a red one either because, well, I don't like the color red much except for holiday decorations. So, it came down to a yellow one or a pearl/iridescent one.

I decided the pearl/iridescent one. Meet Jack (he's on the lower left side by the seahorses):

By the way, this picture sucks, but it was hard to get a good one.
He looks so much better in person.

Jack is an active little fish and will try to fight his reflection too! I named him Jack because this reminds me of Jackie Chan (you know, a really cool fighter and the betas are fight fish, hee hee, get it...)


I also moved the tank to another table that isn't so close to the window and put a towel around the bottom to keep it warmer. I want to get one of those stick on thermometers to put on the tank so I can monitor the water temp. It's just a little too early to turn the heat on in the house. (It's only mid-October, for crying out loud!)

I hope Jack will last longer than 4 months. I even gave him some blue jewels, you know, cause he's cool like that.


Mrs. S. said...

We turned the heat on already...brrrr

Gwen said...

Wow...he really is hard to say but welcome to the blog Jack!!! XOXO

The Pink Chick said...

Sorry to hear about your other fish! Wishing Jack a long and happy life!!