Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a List Kind of Day

BB is in quite the mood today. It's like he doesn't want to be here. Maybe he should go home. That would make it better.

Anyway, I am contemplating a change. I can't say too much here because there are some people who read my blog that can't know about this change I am thinking about yet.

My nose has been stuffed up and running all week long. All of it is sitting heavy in my chest too, so I am coughing a lot. Yesterday, I sneezed all day long and it seems to be going that way again today. My nose is so raw from the sneezing, blowing, and rubbing. *sigh*

I realized the other day that Mrs. P and I haven't hung out together since she moved into her new house in August. That's a long time to go by without hanging with your best friend. It looks like we will be getting together at her son's birthday party on Halloween, but I won't be able to stay long because my family is having a weeny roast/bonfire that night and I am also helping my grandma pass out candy. Looks like Oct. 31 will be a busy day for me.
I am getting hot and cold flashes these past couple of days. I don't quite understand how I can be freezing all over my body, but my face feel like it is on fire.

It's rainy here again today and it makes me want to curl up with a book in my sweats, under my blanket.

I now have to go get an event ready to run.

This post was extremely boring and basically sucked, so thanks for sticking around if you did. I promise something better next time.


Lin said...

Sounds like you might want to go home sick. I'm sure some time at home with a book, tea & sweats will help you feel better.

We have a ton of things going on on Halloween too but the hubs & I have decided to ditch everyone & stay home to pass out candy to the kiddos. Hope you feel better soon!

Mrs. S. said...

Hopefully you get to feeling better!

Gwen said...

I'm tired of the rain too but it sounds like Saturday might be nice. I'm excited for that!!! Have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO