Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend Recap...

I know it's late, but here is a recap of my insane weekend. Thank you all for your well wishes.

Friday: Was at work for a total of 12 hours working an insanely specific and stressful event all day long! We had a luncheon, a tasting, and a rehearsal dinner all in the same day with only an hour between each one to flip and reset the room. It was a madhouse at work on Friday.

Saturday: My one day to rest for a little bit. I read my mail that has been piling up, shampooed the carpets, and went to a really big truck and tractor pull at the state's capitol. It was incredible! I haven't been to a truck and tractor pull since I was a small kid. Now, before you judge, let me just say that I am not a redneck and my father was the one that wanted to go. It was something different to do and ended up being a cool time. Some of the tractors had over $100,000 in engines alone. I enjoyed the people watching more than anything. Some of the the drivers were from out of state and they had a following. Even the announce had a set of groupies. Seriously, it was fun.

Sunday: Big event at work that was thrown together in a matter of 3 weeks because the month snuck up on me so fast. It turned out better than I thought, but not as well as I had wanted. It also called for another long and stressful day. By Thursday afternoon last week, I was never so ready for a Monday to come as I was this Monday.

I put in a total of 56 hours in at work last week and I am so exhausted from the stress and busy-ness of it all, but I am am so happy it is all over. Now, I can focus on more important things.

Happy Tuesday!


Lin said...

Glad to hear it's all over & happy tuesday to you too!

Mrs. S. said...

You should take a day off. You could probably use one after 56 hours of work!

Beth Dunn said...

I hope you get more time to yourself. xoxo